2 to 5-CHerry Amplifier

....for your surround sound system

Where the 5-CHerry comes from....

We ran a Kickstarter project to develop a"mini MEGA" amplifier early this year.  During this project we decided to change the name to "mini Cherry" because it was more like the Cherry Maraschino amplifier series than the Cherry MEGAschino amplifier series.  It also made use of our Cherry Maraschino Modules which are currently not used in any Maraschino products.


The "mini Cherry" was essentially a two channel Maraschino, non-integrated.  This is comparable to a Stereo Maraschino (STM) in features and power output.  We were then encouraged by customers to make a five channel version of the "mini Cherry" amp.  When we worked out the details (new motherboard, new enclosure, new transformer) we found that we could provide better specifications with a different topology, using Maraschino Monoblock boards (!) and our 60V 1kW power supply.  We combined this with a new enclosure design, similar to the MEGAschino (4" less front-to-back), to make the 5-CHerry, which can be configured as a 2-CHerry, 3-CHerry, 4-CHerry, or 5-CHerry.

Total power output is still 1000W regardless of the number of channels.  So power output for a two channel version is the same as a KING Stereo Maraschino (400Wpc into 4Ω).  There are two versions of the 5-CHerry, standard and KING.


The KING version has Gold WBT binding posts, a beautiful anodized brushed aluminum red or black faceplate, and double rail capacitance on all channels.


Now you can enjoy that Sweet Cherry Sound in YOUR home theater system.  The 5-CHerry is capable of powering even large home theater systems with ease as well as giving you pristine two channel playback performance!

Standard 5-CHerry Back
KING 3-CHerry Back
Features and Specifications:


  • Power Output:

    • ​400Wpc into 4Ω

    • 200Wpc into 8Ω

    • 1000W max

  • THD+N: 0.002%

  • SNR: 118dB

  • Input Impedance: 20kΩ true balanced

  • Input Sensitivity: 3.1Vrms

  • Double rail cap on 3-CHerry, 4-CHerry, and 5-CHerry

  • DC coupled for no bass phase shift

  • Wide band high damping factor

  • Channel Independent Auto Sleep

  • That amazing Sweet Cherry Sound!

    • tweaked for sonics above all else

  • Standard version: 12 lbs, 14" x 10" x 5"

  • KING version: 15 lbs, 17" x 10.5" x 5"


Standard Version:
    2-CHerry $2490
    3-CHerry $2690
    4-CHerry $2890
    5-CHerry $3090
KING Version:
    2-CHerry $2990
    3-CHerry $3190
    4-CHerry $3390
    5-CHerry $3590
* KING version comes with a faceplate, your choice, red or black.
* Standard version does not have a faceplate, it has a silk screened logo in white in front panel (faceplate is available for additional fee in anodized red or black).
Demos available!  Email Support@DigitalAmp.com if interested.
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