About Us


Digital Amplifier Company was founded in 1996 after several years of developing switching amplifiers for audio. Our goal was development of new high performance amp technology. One of our first products was a 6-channel digital audio amp for PCs that fit into a drive bay slot and ran from the disk drive power supply. This was about the same time DVD players hit the market.


We have designed both analog and digital input audio amps with analog and digital modulation for just about every practical power level — headphone amps to multi-thousand watt live performance concert amps. We have designed open loop, closed loop, and even hybrid loop systems.


We worked with Harris Semiconductor to evaluate use of their driver chips in the first Class-D auto (car) amplifiers to hit the market in the early 1990s. We developed innovative modulation techniques, circuit topologies, and DSP algorithms for use in digital amplifiers. Licensing clients of our older technologies include ST Microsystems (under the Ravisent Technologies name) and Peavey Electronics (under the Crest Audio name). Other licensees, covered under non-disclosure agreements, use our technology in commercial and installed sound systems.


Our objective several years ago was to license our amplifier core to semiconductor companies. This opened up an opportunity to develop custom ultra-high-end modules for an amp manufacturer which led to development of a 2-channel evaluation platform.

Our patented technology has been improved through use in various applications. Our most important application by far has been premium 2-channel audio. This allowed us to concentrate on ultimate sound quality as our goal. We designed our new platform to drive difficult speakers (such as electrostatic) with control and authority. We designed for ultra-precise low level detail for that super important "first watt". We built in tons of headroom for powerful transient delivery. We designed for extremely low noise so the music glides atop a black background.


Eventually, we decided to manufacturer our own finished product (DAC4800A). This amp was developed entirely in-house, NOT using any off-the-shelf amplifier modules. We designed our amps for high performance on the bench, but more importantly, ultimate sonic satisfaction! We followed on with the Cherry, Cherry ULTRA, Cherry MONO, Cherry MONO ULTRA, and now the Maraschino series.


Over the last several years, our products gained acceptance with audiophiles due to extreme performance and customer satisfaction. We provide an advanced amplifier technology built from the ground up for your listening pleasure, one unit at a time.