Features and Specifications
  • Amazing Sound Quality — Musical, Dynamic, Accurate, Ultra Fast Transient Response, Superior Low Level Detail

  • <5mV DC Output Offset

  • Super Low Noise — 116dB SNR

  • 0.045Ω Output Impedance (1kHz)

  • Super Low Distortion — 0.005% THD+N (1kHz), 0.006% IMD @ 10W

  • 1Hz to 60kHz Frequency Response

  • "Deep Knee" THD curve — 0.009% THD+N at half power

  • Remote Standby Control (via 2.5mm DC jack)

  • Wideband Purity — 0.009% THD+N (20Hz to 20kHz) @ 10W

  • Bullet-Proof Protection — Thermal, Current, Auto-Recovery, etc.

  • High Power — 400Wpc into 8Ω, 675Wpc into 4Ω

  • Quiet ON/OFF

  • Bridgeable for Massive Power — 1350W into 8Ω

  • 17.0" x 14.3" x 4.6" (w/faceplate)

  • 14.6" x 13.9" x 4.5" ("faceless" or WOOD)

  • Huge 1500W Toroid Transformer

  • 42 lb

  • 27.4dB Gain

  • 120VAC mains

Cherry ULTRA Digital Amplifier (Stereo)

With all the authority and grace of the Cherry and over-the-top refinements, you can experience what we believe to be the best stereo amplifier on the planet.


The sound quality that the Cherry ULTRA delivers is nothing short of amazing. Detailed, tight bass can make your speakers sound like they are significantly bigger than before. Crystal clear imaging due to the fast response of the Cherry ULTRA comes through to deliver "audio nirvana"!  The absolute authority that is delivered with massive headroom allows you to play your favorite music louder without strain.  There's nothing like having an 1800W power supply on reserve to provide breathtaking transients.


Benefits of the ULTRA version include:

  •    Increased transformer size from 750W to 1500W

  •    WBT Gold binding posts

  •    Extra Heavy Duty Output Filter for even lower output impedance


The Cherry ULTRA Amplifier utilizes an extra thick, steel chassis and super durable, textured paint.  Quality is built in for decades of reliable operation.


Our Cherry Amplifiers are based on proprietary and patented technologies produced through more than two decades of intense research and development. The output stages are ultra power efficient, allowing maximum use of the massive power supply's full potential while generating near zero heat. The result is sound so transparent, you'll want to listen to your entire music collection through the Cherry ULTRA to hear what you've been missing.


This amplifier is also a "green" product since it consumes less than 30W when "quiet" (idle). It consumes less than 5W in standby (using DC jack control).


Accessories Included

Included with the Cherry is a heavy duty IEC line cord and two RCA-to-XLR adapters.

We have a 100% money back 30 day return policy.



Change to Faceplate Type (choose below) Note: Red is the standard faceplate color.

We customize!  If you desire customization (connector options, transformer/modulator/filter upgrades), just let us know with our contact form.