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Cherry Amplifier

Muscular and graceful. We have improved upon our original Cherry Amplifier design to deliver sound that breathes new life into your speakers.

These amplifiers features an extra thick, steel chassis and super durable, textured paint. We have upgraded the motherboard for lower noise and distortion, using fewer interconnects and shorter, fatter power traces. On top of all that, we've improved the output filter and modulator.

The Cherry ULTRA and MEGAschino amplifiers are based on proprietary and patented technologies from more than two decades of research and development. The output stages are power efficient, allowing maximum use of the massive power supply's full potential while generating near zero heat. The result is sound so transparent, you'll want to listen to your entire music collection through the Cherry to hear what you've been missing.

This amplifier is also a "green" product since it consumes less than 30W when "quiet" (idle). It consumes less than 5W in standby (using DC jack control).



Accessories Included

Included with the Cherry is a heavy duty 16 gauge IEC line cord and two RCA-to-XLR adapters with removable ground lift. We have a 100% money back 30-day return policy.