The Custom Shop......For those who like things a little different.

Here you'll find a few select modifications, customizations, and upgrades for Digital Amplifier Company equipment.

Our Green Initiative as a company is our mindfulness both in the initial design to building the finished product. 

Our ability to upgrade existing equipment is part of our promise to be more ecological. 

Plus you save money with not having to buy new equipment.  
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*Roundtrip shipping charges are the responsibility of the Customer.




Improve your STM performance even more with the MK2 upgrade. 

As if perfection had no room for improvement, the MK2 upgrade 

can dazzle you with even better performance than before.  KING

and standard models are both eligible for the upgrade.

STM_MK2_MOD   $290 plus round trip shipping

STM MK2 Upgrade

MEGA MK2 Upgrade

It's hard to believe you can make these amps any better.  But we have discovered a way to improve your MEGA Mono or Stereo with the MK2 modification.  Elevate your amplifier performance with this upgrade and you will not be disappointed! 


MEGA_MK2_MOD      $990 Stereo, and Mono $690 (each)                                                        

Mono (one channel)

Cherry Classic to MEGA Upgrade

Mono (one channel)

Why buy a new amp when you can upgrade?!?  Send us your old Cherry Classic and we will upgrade it to the ultimate MEGA amp.  New mother and channel boards will elevate the performance of your old amp into the amp of your dreams.  (This upgrade does not include the MK2 MEGA upgrade which is separate)

CLASS_MEGA_MOD            Stereo $2900 and Mono $1800 (each)                                                     

Mono (two channel)


Mono (two channel)


More Mega Upgrades

Stereo Tranformer Upgrade to 1500W      $800

Stereo Double Rail Capacitor Upgrade      $600

Mono Quadruple Rail Capacitor Upgrade $2000/pr

Stereo Tranformer Upgrade to 1500W     $1600/pr

Mono Double Rail Capacitor Upgrade      $1200/pr

Second Set of Binding Posts for Mono     $690/pr

12V Output for Power Supply:

This quick-turnaround mod will take your existing supply and add an additional output to power DAC DAC.  Recommended for Stereo Maraschino owners esp. Includes special 12VDC cable for DAC DAC.   DAC DAC requires a clean, stable 12V power source. 

12V_JACK MOD                   $90 per (1) supply plus round trip shipping

One Power Supply

No Sleep Modification:

Your Maraschino SLEEP MODE saves energy when no music is playing. Ultra sensitive speakers may require a more easily wakened Maraschino to prevent early onset of sleep mode. The NO_SLEEP mod allows users with ultra sensitive speakers to enjoy  music at very low input levels without triggering sleep.

NO_SLEEP MOD                   $180 per channel plus round trip shipping

One Channel

Two Channel

60V Power Supply Upgrade:

Power Supply Upgrades are a great way to dial in the Maraschino to your system, speaker, and specific power requirements.
                 Customer responsible for round trip shipping. 
  If you have questions please contact us at


Note: Single ILM,DTM or STM users please choose "Single Power Supply"

           Dual Mono ILM and DTM users will require  "Dual Power Supplies"

Also: You must have purchased 48V Maraschino amplifiers from

Digital Amplifier Company in order to be eligible for this upgrade. 




                  $350 /Power Supply                                             

                  $490 Dual Power Supply                                        




                  $590 /Power Supply


                  $890 Dual Power Supply






3x Capacitance:

This one isn't for the faint of heart. Upping the capacitance right on the amplifier circuit gives Maraschino the kind of drive and impact that is usually reserved for military weapons. 3x the capacitance can be only squeezed into Desktop Maraschino. Know of any other amplifiers that have a Triple-Size option?

TRIPLE_CAP MOD                $390 per channel plus round trip shipping

One Channel

Two Channel

Blue or Yellow LED:

Currently all Maraschinos ship with a Red casetop LED power indicator. Some owners may prefer a blue or yellow LED on their Maraschino. For you we have a BlueLED mod now available.

BLU_LED MOD                        $90 per channel plus round trip shipping

One Channel (Yellow)

Two Channel (Yellow)

One Channel (Blue)