Why DAC DAC and Maraschino are such a good combination

"....I like low-as-possible net THD+N.  Plus, there's nothing like a direct connected DAC DAC feeding a pair of Maraschinos.  Stunning!  That's not just my opinion either. Several audio enthusiasts have said this...."

1. Total DC coupling

2. Gain Matching

3. Ideal for Digital Attenuation

4. Shortest signal path


One technique we've used to improve audio quality and measurable performance is to shorten the audio path. For example, going direct from the DAC to the amp. However, the same can be done internally in components. This is something we do in our DAC DAC and Maraschino amplifiers.  We use as few stages as possible.  For example, we rearranged some circuitry to eliminate a buffer stage in the Maraschino.  Adding "steps" to the path can only lower performance by adding noise and distortion. In some cases, such as in a few tube preamps, the added distortion has a pleasant sound. This is VERY subjective stuff.

Maraschino & 60 volt supplies on the test bench

"...My impressions are based on the STM and Morrow Cables not being broken in.  I would describe sound as nimble and transparent.  The music sounded just right with nothing added or subtracted.  Since this is a bedroom system, I  generally listen at a very low volume and the music still is nimble and transparent even though 4 Ohm speakers.  I cannot say this about my SS and Tube amps...." STM Customer

"Listening to these [Maraschino] amps aroused the audiophile in me and made me want to start collecting stereo equipment again. Whilst sitting in the sweet spot, the clarity and delivery of insturmental sound placement are superb. The attention to detail and level of quailty from initial concept to delivered finished product is classy and badass all rolled into one."
-Kayla O, Allentown PA

KING Maraschino STM and 60V power supply with new DAC DAC provide an extremely synergistic audiophile system. Just add your favorite speakers!