Desktop Maraschino Amplifier (DTM)


Clean.    Fast.    Strong.
Reveal the clarity of new High-Res content ---- using the speakers you already own!

The Desktop Maraschino Cherry Amplifier is an extraordinary monoblock power amplifier.


The ground potential of the Maraschino amplifier is locked to the preamp’s ground, preventing noise and hum. Output impedance is kept very low across the entire audio band. Most amplifiers have bass phase shift due to AC coupling, but the Maraschino DC couples the signal throughout for no bass phase shift and response down to zero Hertz! On the high end of the spectrum, the Maraschino reaches all the way to 100 kHz. The sound of Maraschino is vivid and precise with wonderful musicality. Maraschino also provides “green operation” with an automatic standby mode; decreasing power consumption to around 1W after several minutes of no audio (mute). The amps wake up as soon as signal is present.


Our innovative enclosure uses a solid base of aluminum, and Sorbothane™ feet to isolate the Maraschino from vibration. The weighty base holds the Maraschino in place even when connected to heavy speaker wires.   Your choice of red or black top.


From the press:


"....the baby cherries do the air thing better"

    Srajan Ebaen, 6moons


"....the Maraschinos own some of the nicest sounding upper registers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to."

    Greg Simmons, Stereo Times


"....very quickly addicting such that even familiar recordings come alive with a fresh perspective. This may be due to the Maraschinos’ incredibly quiet background."

    Andre Marc, TONE Audio


"I was not imagining it. In my years of reviewing gear, I can’t think of a single occasion when a change of amp more surprised me, and all this in a budget system. Don’t ever doubt that well-designed amplification can make a real difference!"

    Patrick Dillon, HiFiZine