GOLDEN Cherry Maraschino Amplifier

0Hz to >100kHz
Clean.    Fast.    Strong.

Reveal the clarity of new High-Res content ---- using the speakers you already own!

The Golden Cherry Amplifier... the next level in Power, Smoothness and Authority.


Creating the Golden Cherry  was a design excercise in finding out "What if?"... The amazing result demonstrates the absolute leading edge of currently known amplifier design & technology. The limits have just been pushed a little further. A lucky few may now experience true state-of-the-art musicality, silky smoothness of up to 100kHz bandwidth, and more 0Hz and up authoritative bass.


Golden Cherry also benefits from the No_Sleep Mod as shipped, and will happily play your speakers with enthusiasm at low listening levels where other makers amps get grey and boring. 


The tech behind the curtain is an advance on the original Maraschino circuit, with an upgrade totalling 3 TIMES the capacitance on board. This gives the Golden 60V Maraschino the sonic weight and authority other amplifiers only dream to achieve. 


Our innovative enclosure uses a solid base of  aluminum, and Sorbothane™ feet to isolate the Maraschino from vibration. The substantial base holds the Maraschino in place even when connected to heavy speaker wires. Golden top.


From the press:


"Yes . . . they have PRODIGIOUS BASS!!!"

    Jeremy Kipnis, Kipnis Studio Standard


"....I hasten to add that the Digital Amplifier Company's KING Maraschino Cherry Monoblocks are a significantly better sounding than 90% percent of the High-End amp choices I have on hand; controlling the sound from a variety of speakers without adding or subtracting much of anything. This allows EVERY recording's UNIQUE sound to come through unhindered and uncompromised!."

    Jeremy Kipnis, Kipnis Studio Standard


"Evaluating & Reviewing Digital Amplifier Company's KING Maraschino Cherry in GOLD (60 Volt) with both Ologe Acoustic and Ceratec Loudspeakers . . . Great Sounding AMPS, Tommy O'Brien !!!"

    Jeremy Kipnis, Kipnis Studio Standard


"AND these amps can even render an MP3 - 320k very nearly indistinguishable from an identical FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF by delivering the complete dynamic envelope and frequency range contained in the recording without falling victim to inaudible data reduction or added harmonic distortion!"

    Jeremy Kipnis, Kipnis Studio Standard



GOLDEN Cherry Maraschino Features:


  • DC coupled signal path for no bass phase shift, flat down to 0 Hz

  • Signal ground locks to preamp to prevent hum

  • Low output impedance over entire audio band -- great for difficult speakers

  • Patented and proprietary component-level design (not some pre-fab module!)

  • Dual external 1kW 60V power supplies, 100-130VAC/200-250VAC

  • Small footprint with surprisingly powerful output -- up to 800W

  • Premium WBT GOLD binding posts and Neutrik GOLD XLR input

  • 4 times more bandwidth than other Class-D amplifiers

  • Anti-vibration aluminum base on Sorbothane® feet

  • Extremely detailed sound without harshness

  • 0.1% metal oxide resistors used throughout

  • True balanced OPA1602 based input stage

  • Compact RCA input adapter included

  • Legendary Cherry™ sonics

  • Ultra low distortion/noise

  • Beautiful fit and finish

  • Made in the U.S.A.


What's in the box:

   (2) 60 Volt 1kW Power Supply
   (2) Short 6" Ultra Low Impedance DC_SNAKE cable
   (2) Golden Cherry Amplifier with WBT GOLD Posts
   (2) RCA-to-XLR Adapter
   (2) AC Line Cord

GOLDEN Cherry DTM back
GOLDEN Cherry DTM back
60 Volt 1kW Power Supply
60 Volt 1kW Power Supply
DC Snake

Music should be sweet!