Kickstarter Projects


We have run SIX successfully funded Kickstarter projects so far....

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mini MEGA KS photo.jpg

mini Cherry Amplifier™ High Performance Stereo Amp

Successfully Funded February 26th 2019

New Home Stereo Amplifier called "mini Cherry" -- A more affordable way to get that Clean and Juicy Cherry Sound !!

  • Power output: >400Wpc into 4Ω or >200Wpc into 8Ω

  • SNR: 118dB

  • THD+N at 10W: 0.002%

  • Frequency Response: 0Hz to 100kHz

The mini Cherry became the 2-CHerry, part of our new multi-channel amp series.


We now offer 2-CHerry, 3-CHerry, 4-CHerry, and 5-CHerry!

MEGAschino World Class High Power Audio Amplifier

Successfully Funded March 26th 2018

The latest offering from Digital Amplifier Co is our most powerful yet! Meet MEGAschino.

  • End-to-End DC coupling

  • 150kHz Bandwidth

  • Wide-band High Damping Factor

  • 120dB SNR

  • Up to 1000W per channel into 4Ω

Maraschino Video Series

Successfully Funded May 13th 2017

Digital Amp Co is planning a video series about the Maraschino Cherry Amplifier ® product line.  The Maraschino Video Series will be designed to benefit existing and future Digital Amp Co customers!

We wish to cover the following topics with our new videos:

  • New product announcements

  • Use of our products in various systems and configurations

  • How to pack our products for shipping (unpacking too)

  • Miscellanous (accessories, industry trends, etc.)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video could be worth a million words!

Introducing the Digital Amp Co DAC DAC


Successfully Funded January 14th 2016


The DAC DAC is our version of an ultra-short signal path Digital to Analog converter.  Super limited parts count, and external power supply. Fully balanced outputs. Photos of our prototype board, more reactions to the unique sound of this DAC, and other info to follow........Clement Perry heard it and says "Surprisingly liquid with some extra density/resolution. I'm pleasantly surprised. Very nice!!"We have invented a way to simulate the tube effect in the output stage.  This gives a warmer, sweeter sound than other SS DACs, well deserving of the Cherry name. Also available in High Spec configuration for super clean sonics.  See the details here.

High-End Stereo Amplifier Made Affordable - MINT Maraschino


Successfully Funded April 12th 2015


The MINT Maraschino is a two channel implementation of the Maraschino Amplifier Circuit plus input select (front/back), sleep control (on/off/auto), and volume control.  Power is provided by a single, external, upgradeable power supply.  There is a standard (48V) version and a KING version (60V).  Output power is up to 250W with the standard version and up to 1000W with the KING version!  The KING version also includes Gold WBT binding posts.  All this in a beautiful, compact (7.8" x 6.5" x 2.3") extruded aluminum chassis on Sorbothane feet.

The MINT Maraschino eventually became the Stereo Maraschino (STM).

In-Line Maraschino


Successfully Funded September 7th 2014


We have designed a new form factor for Maraschino, called the “In-Line Maraschino”. This new form factor lowers cost and offers more placement options, including “hanging from your speaker”. Amplifier module weight is reduced to about one pound (!) while retaining the ability to deliver very high output power (up to 800W) to the speaker. Such a configuration allows very short speaker wires, eliminating the high cost and technical concerns with long, difficult to handle speaker cables.