Preliminary Features and Specifications:
  •  Power Output: 400Wpc into 4Ω, 200Wpc into 8Ω, 1000W max
  •  THD+N: 0.002%
  •  SNR: 118dB
  •  Input Impedance: 20kΩ true balanced
  •  0-100kHz (DC coupled for no bass phase shift)
  •  Wide band high damping factor
  •  Channel Independent Auto Sleep
  •  That amazing Cherry Sound! ---- tweaked for sonics above all else

The 5-CHerry design uses 5 Maraschino Cherry Monoblock boards (same as in our Desktop and In-Line Maraschino amplifiers) driven by our 1000W 60V power supply. There is a standard version and a KING version.  The KING version has upgraded WBT Gold binding posts and double rail capacitance for all channels.

2-to-5-CHerry Amplifier

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