DAC DAC 2 HSV is a volume controled D/A converter for ultra-high-performance 2-channel audio systems.


The basics:

  • Accesses superior signal quality with the least amount of audio equipment.

  • No pre-amp needed; allows for the simplest Audio system with no distortion from an amplifier.  It keeps the analog signal path as short as possible by allowing the DAC DAC 2 HSV to drive the amplifiers directly.

  • With volume control knob - that has a "natural" feel, the HSV version contains an analog pot that controls the digital attenuator, which keeps the analog signal path as short as possible. 

  • Top 5% of volume range is set for no attenuation, bottom 5% is set to mute.  So it is easy to mute or max out with no switch to defeat volume control.

  • Allows for no volume control sources to be used in the system; like a CD transport

  • HS = High Spec, about 124dB SNR and 0.0004% THD

  • Coax SPDIF input, PCM up to 192kHz sample rate, 24-bit resolution

  • Balanced outputs (XLR)

  • External 12VDC power supply

  • Indicators for Power, Valid Signal, >50kHz Fs, >100kHz Fs

  • 6.5" x 6.3" x 2.5" aluminum enclosure with vibration absorbing Sorbothane feet.

  • Add premium RCA adapters.

DAC DAC 2 HSV - Volume Control

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