In-Line Maraschino Amplifier provides amazing clarity and allows many placement options, including "hanging"!

In-Line Maraschino 36V (Pair)

  • Our innovative enclosure allows placement on a tabletop, attached to the speaker, attached to a wall, on top of the power supply (upgraded 60V 1kW supply required), behind the speaker, and even hanging from the speaker's binding posts. Sorbothane bumpers included at the buyer's request. Textured black finish. Features include DC coupled signal path for no bass phase shift, flat down to 0 Hz, Signal ground locks to preamp to prevent hum, Low output impedance over entire audio band, great for difficult speakers, Patented and proprietary component-level design (no pre-fab module!), Small footprint with surprisingly powerful output ---- up to 800W with upgraded power supply, Gold binding posts, Neutrik GOLD XLR input, 4 times the bandwidth of other Class-D amplifiers, Extremely detailed sound without harshness, 0.1% metal oxide resistors used throughout, True balanced OPA1602 based input stage, Compact RCA input adapter included, Legendary Cherry™ sonics, Micro power auto standby, Ultra low distortion/noise, Beautiful fit and finish, Made in the U.S.A.
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