Stereo Maraschino

High-End Stereo Amplifier, Made Affordable

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Introducing....  The Stereo Maraschino MK2

Our latest addition to the Maraschino line is the Stereo Version. A super High-Performance Audiophile Grade Stereo amplifier, Made in the USA, for use with:


  • High-end audio systems ---- feed the STM with balanced or single ended sources (from a preamp or D/A converter).

  • Computer audio / high-end gaming machines --- for the most amazing PC sound system!

  • High resolution audio players such as PONO, Fiio, and the new high bandwidth SONY Walkman.


WHAT IS THE Stereo Marashino ?


The Stereo Maraschino is a two channel implementation of the Maraschino Amplifier Circuit plus input select (front/back), sleep control (on/off/auto), and volume control.  Power is provided by a single, external, upgradeable power supply.  There is a standard (48V) version and a KING version (60V).  Output power is up to 250W with the standard version and up to 1000W with the KING version!  The KING version also includes Gold WBT binding posts.  All this in a beautiful, compact (7.8" x 6.5" x 2.3") extruded aluminum chassis on Sorbothane feet.


 On the Specs Page are some plots to show what the Maraschino can do.

Please Note: In the video you will see images of the STM in a green color... This was just done for prototyping purposes.

The production STM is now available in the beautiful and durable Anodized Red finish as shown on the site.