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Cherry USB is a low profile USB to coax SPDIF converter. It's a plug-and-play USB device (driver installation not necessary) for modern Windows and Mac PCs.  Power is also provided through USB, so there's no need for an external power adapter. It supports sample rates up to 384kHz and up to 32 bit data. Can be used to drive any DAC with a coax SPDIF input, including the Cherry DAC DAC.  Gold Neutrik RCA output connector. Slim case (just over one inch height) has the same footprint as Cherry Stereo Maraschino, Cherry 60V 1kW Maraschino Power Supply, and Cherry DAC DAC (any version), for easy "stacking".  This USB converter also has anti-vibration Sorbothane feet. Comes with 6 foot high-speed USB 2.0 cable with gold plated connectors.

Cherry USB Features:

  • Lossless USB to coax SPDIF conversion

  • Gold Neutrik RCA output connector

  • No driver installation necessary

  • No power adapter needed

  • Up to 384k/32b

  • Slim case with standard Cherry Maraschino footprint and anti-vibration feet

  • Electrically Isolated Output to prevent ground loops

  • USB 2.0 cable included (gold plated connectors)

 Cherry USB $390
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